Master Hairstylist Brandon Stefan


BrandonStefan is a gifted and talented Master Stylist, who hails from Raleigh, NC, and who has been at the forefront of this creative industry for over 22 years.

BrandonStefan believes that his Faith in God has allowed him to flourish as a Master Stylist, and has propelled him forward in his field, affording him growth and opportunities throughout his career.

BrandonStefan has been the sole Proprietor of 2 Salon locations in Raleigh NC.  In addition to maintaining his own business, he has been a valuable asset to other Hair Boutiques and Salons, both learning from colleagues and sharing his extensive knowledge along the way. In his most recent ventures, BrandonStefan has worked with RazorChic of Atlanta Salon and with Travis Dowdy Salons, also of Atlanta.  BrandonStefan is a certified and trained Master  hairstylist, with experience in Alopecia, Male Pattern Baldness, and other hair related conditions.  Knowledge and experience gained through his proprietorship and his collaboration with fellow colleagues of the industry, BrandonStefan has quickly risen through the ranks of Cosmetology and Master Styling.

BrandonStefan holds a degree in Cosmetology/Barber studies from the Aveda Institute of Hair in Chapel Hill, NC.  In this capacity, BrandonStefan has become a master of custom haircuts, coloring/color mixing, intricate trimming, hair installments and design, as well as a host of other techniques.  He also instructs private, group, and other stylists in proper cutting, styling, and in other techniques that are requested of him to elaborate on. BrandonStefan is a Master Stylist both in the State of North Carolina and in Georgia.

BrandanStefan is the father of one daughter, whom he adores and is grooming to follow in his footsteps.  He is the product of two loving and supportive parents, who are proud of his accomplishments, and are always supportive of any venture he undertakes in his career.



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