The Sew In Caddy

The Sew In Caddy’s 

Made With Love….From One Hairstylist To Another

What are  Sew In Caddy’s? The Sew In Caddy’s are hand made storage boxes and holders for the needles and thread used when installing a sew in. Are you tired of buying needle after needle? Would you like a easier way to thread your needles? Do you travel to your clients? If you answered yes to one of these questions then you need The Sew In Caddy! The Sew In Caddy’s were created with love from one hairstylist to another. Each box is uniquely made meaning no box will ever be the same so if you fall in love with one you better grab it fast because it will never be duplicated! Every time the hairstylist uses her box she will know there is at least one person who is rooting for them to succeed in this tough industry. The Caddy’s were also created to help hairstylist save time and money because in this business time is money!  They are a great conversation piece because when you pull it out or have it sitting on your station the clients are sure to ask about it!

To place an order please email thesewincaddys@gmail.com custom boxes can be made upon request. Custom boxes include names, sports teams, etc. Please allow 7-14 days for delivery.

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