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Head2Toe Mag Now Offering CBD Products From Wakanna For Life

About Wakanna For Life

WaKanna was brought into existence through the synergistic efforts and shared foundational values of four African-American women who believe health, wealth, legacy and freedom are gifts that belong to all people. Some of these ladies have shaped multi-billion dollar companies and have helped empower over 5,000 minorities to join the Cannabis/CBD space.  The company launched on April 20, 2019 with the goal of becoming the largest and most reputable minority-owned Cannabis/CBD oil company in the world.  By 2025, their plan is to operate as a full-service Cannabis company that expands from wholesaling micro-dispensaries to farming and manufacturing.  Through their Focus Groups, WaKanna University, WaKanna Legacy, Micro-Dispensaries, and Pathway to Ownership they offer the most unique Cannabis concept that will revolutionize the industry by empowering the average person to leave generational wealth.


To be properly introduced to WaKanna For Life is to learn about the individuals who had the unique vision to start it in the first place. Let’s take it back to the beginning. While sitting on a plane preparing to fly to a funeral, the name WaKanna was given to CEO, Melissa Boston as Dr. Pat proclaims, “A Gift from God.”   At the time, she was serving as CEO for another multi-million dollar Cannabis/CBD and essential oil company and had no plans to launch her own company.  

Yet, a few weeks later, she recognized a shift in the Cannabis/CBD market. So, she had the idea to create a company with a more exclusive focus on Cannabis/CBD.  Once Melissa received the blessing from her company to pursue her new business idea, she proceeded to share her plan with three women.  She knew these women would be critical in helping to bring her idea to life.  These three women were Phyllis Nash, Dr. Pat Van Pelt, and Rita J. McGuire MD.  It was at this time she realized the name she received on that airplane was the perfect name for this new project.  After Dr. Pat researched the name they later found out that WaKanna translates to, gift of God, young leaves, total harmony and female.  Everyone wanted to work together and create WaKanna.  

Together they brought WaKanna to life as a living and viable entity.  Their business acumen and relentless drive allowed them to create WaKanna for Life.  In just a few short weeks, they achieved multiple six figures in product sales, paying out more than $80,000 in commissions their first month.

WaKanna For Life has an innovative, dynamic, and experienced team dedicated to changing lives around the world. The team accomplishes this by selling organically grown and natural cannabis products.  In addition, they provide an opportunity to own an online CBD store and a full CBD product dispensary with a full inventory.

Under the direction of these four women, WaKanna For Life creates some of the highest quality products in the world. By focusing on industry staples and the hottest trends like edibles and water solubles, they’re well positioned to become a dominant player in the Cannabis arena.  Even more, they aim to ensure long-term success and financial stability.  And better yet, they are destined to make a global impact on the world.    

“We believe that no one,
should have to endure chronic pain.”
-Rita J. McGuire, M.D.

Hello WaKanna Nation,

More than 50 million people in the United States suffer from chronic pain.  When left untreated it can become life altering.  In an effort to capitalize on the growing trend, companies are cutting corners producing synthetic CBD as well as using cheap harsh chemicals.  While these methods might temporarily provide relief, the long-term effects are troubling.  Your health is our number one priority.  Millions of people around the world are finding relief and improving their quality of life by incorporating full-spectrum CBD.   Studies show it is the entourage effect of all the cannabinoids working together that produce the most powerful results. I have witnessed first hand the remarkable ability of this plant to deliver life changing results and reduce pain.  

CBD works by helping to balance the endocannabinoids system (ECS).  The ECS system is considered one of the most vital regulatory systems within the human body.  It controls how we think, feel and react.  When it is out of balance it contributes to numerous health challenges and increases our chances of developing numerous health challenges.

We are committed to making superior products that are natural, organic and safe for your family, your health and the environment.    In just a short time since we launched WaKanna, our products are making a difference in the lives of people around the country.

Also, we’re always open to hear from you. If you’d like to provide us with new ideas or uses for products or feedback regarding our existing brands, please let us know. Furthermore, take a moment to review our frequently asked questions (FAQs) below, please don’t hesitate to contact us @ 1.888.312.0420 if you have any questions. We hope to hear from you soon.


Rita J. McGuire, MD
Chief Medical Officer
WaKanna For Life

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What is CBD?
CBD is also known as Cannabidiol.  it is the second most common cannabinoid found in different strains of the cannabis plant.  It is the most common cannabinoid in the Hemp plant, and the second most common cannabinoid found in the Marjuana plant.

What is the difference between CBD and THC? 

THC, also known as Delta-9-Tetrahydrocannabinol, is the psychotropic portion of the Cannabis plant.  Unlike THC, with CBD you will not experience the psychoactive effects.  THC is the most common cannabinoid in the Marijuana plant.
What is the difference between CBD & Marijuana?

CBD has no mind-altering effects and shares some of the medicinal benefits of THC.

Will I get high? 
When consuming CBD with low THC (below .3%) it will not make you high, but we do recognize some people are very sensitive to THC and should avoid even small amounts.  Always start low and go slow and never exceed our recommended dosage.   

Will this show up in a drug test?
Our Power Formula contains less than .3% THC and over time for certain individuals the THC could accumulate causing a test to show positive for THC.  We suggest that you avoid our Power products and utilize only the Pure products which have NO THC.

Is this legal?

 Yes.  The 2018 Farm Bill makes Cannabidiol (CBD) derived from Hemp with less than .3% THC, also known as Delta-9-Tetrahydrocannabinol, federally legal throughout the United States.  You can purchase it with out a prescription.

What product should I use?

We have 15 products, including 7 proprietary products.  First decide if you require products with or without THC.  Products with less than .3% THC include our entire Power line.  Products with no THC include our entire pure line.  All of our products contain CBD so your decision should be based on the delivery method that works best for you.  Tinctures are placed under the tongue and held for 60-seconds.  Water solubles are placed inside of your beverages and smoothies and do not require you to hold under your tongue.  Vapes and edibles are extremely popular as well.  It depends on your personal preference.  Our topical relief is one of our top sellers. Pairing our topical with either a vape cartridge or tincture like Hempranium is one of the most popular options.

How much do I take?

Follow the directions on the label. Start low and go slow.  Studies show that even small amounts of CBD can make a major difference.  

Is CBD Addictive?

Our CBD is formulated as nature intended and is not habit forming or addictive.  Avoid synthetic versions of CBD.  Early studies show that synthetic CBD might be addictive for some people.  We only use natural and organically grown CBD.

Can I use CBD for my medical conditions?

Please read our company disclaimer at the bottom of this website.  You must always consult with a physician prior to adding any supplement, especially if you are on medication or under the care of a doctor.  Do not use if you are nursing or pregnant.  CBD should not be used to treat or cure any condition.  Right now it is recommended for pain and inflammation.

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