N.A.H Boo by Head2Toe Magazine

H2T Nah Boo Flyer 01Head2Toe Magazine would like to introduce N.A,H Boo Fashions a hot new T-shirt line that centers around women who are confident, strong, hard workers, positive, and naturally beautiful on the outside and the inside. There are so many women who have low self-esteem because of how the think the world should portray them. There have been so many women who have destroyed their bodies, and distorted their faces trying to look like the women who they see on television, and in the magazines. Some women have lost their lives trying to look perfect when all that matters is who they are on the inside. Our line wants to encourage women to be comfortable with who they are and how God made them, and if they have put on a few extra pounds they can correct that by changing their diet, and exercising. The women who wears our line know that they don’t need ass shots, butt implants, breast implants, botox, or anything that isn’t natural. It may be o.k. to get it sucked out but it could be dangerous to get it injected in. We want women to know that they should be confident in the body the our God has blessed them with. Real Women DNA=Don’t Need Additives, R.A.W.=Real Ass Woman, N.A.H Boo, N.A.H= No Additives Here, O.B.G.Y.N. = Original Body God Yearned Natural, N.A.S.A.= No Ass Shots Added. Email us at  www.head2toemag@gmail.com to place order. Like us on Facebook Head2Toe Magazine, follow us on Twitter @Head2ToeMag and Instagram @h2tmag


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