Medical Hair Growth Breakthrough?


stem cellsAs much as Top Knot adore hair, we understand it can sometimes be nothing more than a menace. It scrags, it waves, it splits and eventually… it just falls out. You might be thinking ‘nah, it’ll be decades before this head rag escapes me’ but that’s not always true. Men are obviously more likely to bald at a young age but in some cases, such loss of hair is worth celebration. Anyway, wherever your preferences and fears may lie, you’ll be happy to know science is on your side.

First of all, we all lose hair every single day of our lives and it’s not just one or two strands, it’s more like 50. You won’t notice this of course but it does explain how it seems to get in your dinner, on the bathroom floor and in the sink. Don’t worry though, it doesn’t mean you have alopecia…

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