What Are Chicken McNuggets Made Out Of? Chicken, Says McDonald’s

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(YouTube) (YouTube) As McDonald’s continues its dogged quest to avoid the fact that proving to people that your food is actually made from what it should be means you’ve already lost, the latest video missive from the chain seeks to assure customers that chicken McNuggets are actually made out of chicken. Who knew? Apparently not the customers asking these questions.

In an effort to assuage apparent customers worries about what kinds of craaaazy things could likely be in McDonald’s food, the company has issued a series of video responses answering those concerns.

Next up: what’s that mystery meat in McNuggets? Chicken, promises Mickey Ds in a cheery trip to the Tyson plant, where there is definitely none of that pink slime stuff people were talking about. Good to know, but perhaps the sign of a problem for how the company is perceived in the first place.

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