How to get a haircut to suit you!

Raimi Says


Having the right haircut can do wonders for you, it can change your look, your style, even your weight!, here are the things I think are most important in terms of getting a haircut for both men and women!


Either know what you want, or shut up.

No seriously, if you go in and there and go ‘oh I don’t know, do what you want’ and come out with something you hate you clearly only have no one to blame but yourself’ Hairdressers do tend to know what they are doing (I do advise to pay for a good one, even you boys!) If you want something specific, communicate well! If not, take their advice they will be able to help you know and guide you on what looks good on you.


Develop a relationship with your hairdresser.

No, I don’t mean romantically (I mean go for it, free haircuts!)…

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