Will Smith Doesn’t Have To Cuss In His Raps.. But Do I?

From Playgrounds To Politics

Remember that Grammy Awards show a while back where Will Smith was all like, “I don’t gotta cuss in my raps to sell records,” during his acceptance speech. And then Eminem came out with The Real Slim Shady and sang, “Will Smith don’t gotta cuss in his raps to sell records; but I do, so f**k him, and f**k you too!”

Both entertainers have been great at what they do. Will Smith has the nice family guy persona down pat, and Eminem is the king of the angsty jerk persona. Completely different, they’re both wildely successful. That being said, when you put them side by side Eminem has sold 4 times the amount of albums that Will Smith has, at a little over 37 million versus just over 9 million respectively. At 9 million records, Will Smith is no slouch, and he is positioned at number 17 on the top-selling…

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