Television personalities with jacked up hair and makeup!

There are a view T.V. personalities that seem to not care about how their hair looks hmmm let’s see…Bobbi Christina, Auntie Pat, and Kandi just to name a few. Kandi we know that you are rich and you can afford to get your hair done as much as you like but this hair that you have in looks like you did it yourself! huntie give Head2Toe Magazine’s Glam Squad a holla! Now we all know that Bobbi Christina isn’t eye candy but that hair and makeup is horrible WTH?? Whoever is putting that red blush on her needs to be shot because they make her up to look like a black ragedy ann doll! Please get in touch with H2T Glam Squad Huntie! Auntie Pat are you putting that purple eye shadow on yourself? If so stop it it looks a mess!! We just wanted to point out a few, can anyone name some more?? Let us know!

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